Trading tools

- are the digital money, made by users in peer-to-peer networks. Cryptocurrencies are not tied to the real (fiat) currencies.
Digital currencies are the relatively new phenomenon in the financial world gaining popularity, including as market assets.

Cryptocurrencies trading in the financial markets opens up unlimited earning opportunities: you can earn money for both growth and decline of quotations.
Cryptocurrencies market features:
High volatility is often observed
Cryptocurrencies trading is conducted 24/7
Currency pairs
- Currency pairs are one of the most popular assets for our clients trading.
You can earn using currencies exchange rate differences by making deals to growth or decline of the currency pair chosen.

We present you both most popular (EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, etc.) and more exotic (USD/MXN, USD/NOK etc.) pairs.
Features of currencies market:
High liquidity, using which you can buy and sell high values in any time
Currencies market is opened almost all the time from Monday to Friday. It allows to trade at any convenient time
Dozens of currencies pairs that consider all of the economical an political factors of all round the world events.
Precious metals
- For a long time, gold and silver were the main alternative money.
Even nowadays in the periods of crisis and unstable economy there is an interest to precious metals in markets. Gold and silver are also actively used for hedging risks by financial institutes and banks.

We also present you industrial and rare earth metals, such as copper, palladium and platinum. The demand for them is usually associated with industrial production that affects growth and decline of quotations.
Precious metals market features:
The abilities of income during the period of falling prices that is excluded when operating with ingots
Low taxes for transactions in gold and silver that favorably distinguish spot trading from getting ingots or “metal” bank accounts
Energy resources
Modern civilization, based on the use of hydrocarbons as the main source of energy, is extremely dependent on regular supplies of oil and gas, so any natural, political or economic events affecting suppliers instantly lead to changes in quotations.
We offer you to make money on changes in energy prices through so-called contracts for difference (CFDs).

This makes it possible to profit from fluctuations in oil and gas prices without the actual supply of raw materials.
Energy resources market features:
The constant fluctuation of quotations, due to a variety of factors affecting prices, provides a constant potential for profit
Oil trading is tied to specific markets that have their own work schedule
The shares market is perhaps one of the oldest financial markets.
Not so long ago, only professional investors could earn money from investing in shares. Today, this market is available to individuals and is becoming increasingly popular thanks to CFD contracts for difference. CFDs allow you to make money on changes in the value of shares without actually buying or selling them.

With us you will be able to trade shares of well-known global companies and industry leaders, such as Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonalds, Boeing and many other companies.
Shares market features:
During the global depression, the shares price can increase significantly, which allows you to make a profit even in the absence of economic growth in general
You can earn both on the fall in value and on the rise in price
Shares trading is tied to specific trading platforms that have their own work schedule
We also pay dividends if the issuing company decides to pay them
A shares index is a certain average value of a group of shares included in it.
The change in the index over time allows not only to judge the general direction of the market movement, but also to make money on these trends through trading.
Indexes market features:
The opportunity to buy or sell the entire market at once, trading and making money on the global growth or decline of the world's largest economies
Indexes are a great investment for long-term strategies
Minimal monetary requirements for the purchase of a package of tens and hundreds of shares of the largest global and regional companies (DowJones, NASDAQ, S&P500, DAX30)
Agricultural products
Today, the market of agricultural products is important not only for households, but also for the economies of countries as a whole.
In addition to the food industry and animal husbandry, agricultural products are increasingly being used for the production of alternative fuels, construction and packaging materials, plastics, as well as in the medical industry.
Agricultural products market features:
Demand increases with population growth and general well-being, while supply depends on the season and weather factors
You can trade agricultural assets without actually delivering the goods
- are the money accrued in USD. They could be used for trading, making deals and getting real income, but bonuses cannot be withdrawn from the account directly. You can get more information about bonus money usage on our partner’s Libertex website.
Interest on deposit
– is a service that lets to make an accruals and interest payments on money that are on Libertex clients trading accounts.

You get the following benefits by using this unique service:
- USD account that protects your money from inflation.
- You get the privileged period when you replenish your account for the first time. In this period your interest is acquired by the fixed rate from 9% up to 12% annual during 3 months. You can read more about this program here.
Representing broker
– you can also become our partner and to start making money with us. This program suits you if you already are our client and if you are ready to consult and teach other traders. You can learn more about the program, as well as apply here.
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