The minimum recommended amounts of capital to work with are from 1000$.
is a universal trading robot designed to work on a trend or in a price range.


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Main characteristics of the robot
Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Agricultural commodities
Beginners, experienced
Recommended initial amount
From 1000$
You can customise
Yes, you can configure the bot
Yes, there are ready-made settings in the bot
10%-100% per annum
Probability risks
Very low
About the bot Investor
This bot is an alternative to a deposit in the bank, only it has a higher yield. It is suitable for conservative traders, as the principle of this algorithm gives a gentle increase to the account balance without significant drawdowns and risks, which allows you to be calm when using it.

The combination of unique principles of the programmed algorithm and optimised settings makes it possible to avoid negative results and significant risks in case of a sharp change of market trend, as the Expert Advisor determines the new trend of the asset and accumulates the main volume in the current direction. The maximum efficiency of the Expert Advisor is achieved on trending instruments.
Bot profitability graph
We maintain online graphs of bot profitability so that you can clearly see its effectiveness
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- are the money accrued in USD. They could be used for trading, making deals and getting real income, but bonuses cannot be withdrawn from the account directly. You can get more information about bonus money usage on our partner’s Libertex website.
Interest on deposit
– is a service that lets to make an accruals and interest payments on money that are on Libertex clients trading accounts.

You get the following benefits by using this unique service:
- USD account that protects your money from inflation.
- You get the privileged period when you replenish your account for the first time. In this period your interest is acquired by the fixed rate from 9% up to 12% annual during 3 months. You can read more about this program here.
Representing broker
– you can also become our partner and to start making money with us. This program suits you if you already are our client and if you are ready to consult and teach other traders. You can learn more about the program, as well as apply here.
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